Sharon Chan

My name is Sharon Chan and I started photography as a hobby to document my travel adventures. Over the years, I have tried photographing different genres but find myself gravitating towards landscape and even more to street photos as I find the latter quite an appealing niche when I can capture the unplanned events.What inspires me are the colours, the play of light and shadows or sometimes just the simplicity of the scene. I enjoy the process of taking pictures, trains me to see the subject from a different perspective and it just helps me unwind after a busy day. I am so passionate about this hobby that If I wasn’t working I would be out photoshooting most of the day. You can find some of my works on Instagram

Finch West Station

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my work and experience as a subway rider. I am a regular TTC rider and my experience will certainly resonate with all riders. Travelling by TTC used to be convenient, and economical, but not anymore. With the onset of LRT construction we have experienced several delays with the service resulting in overcrowding and tension amongst passengers. My regular 1 hr commute to work which was my “me time” would end up sometimes in a 2 hrs ordeal with the delays and battling the crowd. Consider yourself lucky if you found a seat during rush hour. I finally found a solution to this issue, when I explored the new stations and I realized Finch West was not very far from home. Finch West was a pleasure to walk into, was expecting the brown, beige walls but didn’t expect ‘art’ in the subway. The whole design was so aesthetically pleasing with vividly coloured strips of glasses resembling bar codes on the top level, allowing the natural sunlight in and black and white stripes on the platform was like stepping on to the keys of a grand piano. Being an art lover and photographer I loved the area’s artistic ambience. But, most of all it was so surreal to see there was no crowd during rush hour, no delays in the service, empty platforms and subway cars. Totally worth travelling via this route albeit took a bit longer but it certainly beats getting stuck in the crowd plus I finally got my ‘me’ time back.

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