Sara Shutter

Street, landscape, and portrait photographer located in Toronto, ON. I’m known for my colourful sunsets and long exposures on the streets. I’m always chasing the sunset and the moon!

High Park Station

Though I have lived in the High Park area for a few years now, I have never been to High Park station. This station was a blank canvas for me and I was excited for what I could create. When I got to the station, I saw the concrete pillars in the bus bay and knew that I had to get them in my shot because of how unique they are. I also knew that I wanted to capture the various ways of transportation as these are the pieces that connect the city. I set up my camera and was getting ready to shoot when a young boy came over and complimented my camera. He asked me a few questions about it, then wished me luck with my shot and left. A couple more people stopped by as I was setting up. An old man that chatted with me about photography and then shortly after him, an older lady started talking to me about her life in the High Park area. She told me that she’s been in the area for 30 years and was surprised by how much it has changed, although she stays because she loves the community. While talking to her, I noticed that the bus lights were going between the pillars and the man in the blue jacket walking just ahead. I focused, and took the photo. Now I think; if those few strangers hadn’t stopped to talk and connect with me, I may not have gotten this exact shot. This shot includes so many types of transit connections and reminds me of the human connections that I am able to make because of this city.

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