Rajeev Kugan

Rajeev Kugan is a creator at heart with an entrepreneurial mindset. From successfully co-founding an insurance startup to establishing a strong digital presence within the community – his vision is to use his experience and skillsets to help like-minded individuals execute their creative journey by providing the right tools and assets. Rajeev wears many hats, however, his background as a designer and developer – combined with his ability to produce digital content gives his clients’ confidence that a jack-of-all-trades isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Whether it’s behind the camera, directing and filming for his clients via @froznmedia or shooting webisodes for his international brand Whistle Adi (@whistleadimedia), Rajeev’s day-to-day is create-create-create. Motto: #EveryPixelCounts  

Scarborough Town Centre

Scarborough Rapid Transit (RT) was built in 1985 and is iconic in many ways. When I started Ryerson University, my parents would drop me off at McCowan RT station and this visual demonstrates my mornings on a weekly basis. From the subway door chimes, to the quick flare of sunrise, to the quick 1min stop to the iconic “STC”. This moment will be instilled in my memories forever and knowing it will be replaced in a couple of years, I wanted to capture my ride one last time.

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