A 21 year old photographer based out of Toronto, Ontario.

Creating under the alias Pluger.

His love for photography began back in 2015, and from there slowly became his strongest passion. When he was 15 years old he discovered urban exploration photography, which led to spending days in the city, and nights editing.

Urban exploring has always been his way of escaping his mind, by roaming in a city full of people.

Being surrounded and inspired by so many friends and creatives has motivated him, and made him more determined than ever to always be working towards perfecting his art.

Chester Station

Being in the city at night is one of the most calming things for me, it’s my time to be in my thoughts and feel free. As an urban explorer it’s my time to be in my element, from exploring the underground to some of the city’s tallest buildings, photographing the journey has always been extremely important to me. Recognizing the daily journeys that the people underneath of me have experienced, this photo is capturing Chester station and the thousands who pass through here everyday.

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