Nicholas Singh

I am an urban & travel photographer from Toronto, Canada.

After moving from Argentina to Canada over 7 years ago, photography became my tool to express myself creatively. Capturing the streets of Toronto became one of the best ways to get used to my new “hometown” and meet other creatives.

My most recent projects include documenting expedition travel in some of the most remote places on the planet, including Antarctica and Greenland.

Shoot me a DM to say hi and chat about photography, football, and Formula 1!

Rosedale Station

Rosedale subway station is the 11th least active station in the city according to TTC’s 2018 ridership report and is largely unchanged since the early days of the subway system. It’s one of those stations where even the conductor of the train opens and closes the doors quickly due the lack of passengers. During one evening that I visited the station, I decided to set up a timelapse outside to capture the contrast between the foot and car traffic in front of the station. But then, the quiet evening took a turn as the police responded to an assault. Over the next hour, a police officer investigated the incident and started to interview a person who appeared to be under the influence of drugs. Instinctively, I listened to the line of questioning: “Are you hurt?,” “Did they hit you?,” “Did you know the person who hit you?” and so on. The police officer appeared to be unphased by the overall situation as the victim continued to share more about the incident. You could see the story kept changing, the details merging into one another. After a half hour and with the person now sitting inside the station, a TTC Supervisor approached the police officer… “Another one, eh?,” he said to the officer. “Yeah, there’s isn’t much I can do.” He responded while shrugging. This NFT piece is a combination of multiple frames captured that evening. What you don’t see in the final image is 10’s of images that captured the pacing victim and the police officer who interviewed them. Those frames were blended in the stack, signifying the essence of the worsening mental health, drug addiction and homelessness epidemic in the city.

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