Matthew Lai

I’m a Toronto based photographer and videographer specializing in helping business create material for digital advertising. In my spare time to keep the creative juices flowing I take pictures of friends, family and my dog.

Glencairn Station

This was challenging given how mundane the station was, and all the construction going on inside and around it. Glencairn is one of those stations on the subway line that gets overlooked. It is between 2 major subways, and is located in a typical Toronto working class neighborhood. As I sat around and watched people come and go it didn’t take long for me to realize it was working class people that used this subway station. There were no tourist attraction, shopping mecca, or bustling office building nearby. It was teachers, retail workers, receptionists, and everything in between. Often times we come across these breath taking photographs and travel to those exact locations to try and emulate the same feeling. But since the subject is already so captivating. It is very hard to ruin the photo. Being a photography I’m also guilty of only shooting something that is already beautiful. Like a chef given a beautiful cut of steak. Very little needs to be done as the ingredient will already shine on it’s own. This photography reminds me the importance of the lesser and often overlooked things in life. It has a very beautiful view of the CN Tower with the sunrise just lighting up the blue sky as the working day begins. I hope that as you look at this photo. It too will remind you too look closer and more often.

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