Massimo Albanese

My name is Massimo and I’m a software engineering student, digital artist, and photographer.

I found a way to merge my love of programming and photography by writing software that creates glitch effects in images and video, resulting in a unique creative outlet where I mostly shoot my own images and use my software to create digital glitch compositions.

Wilson Station

Wilson station is probably the station I visited the most when I was still using the TTC daily to get to school and back. Despite not being the most classically photogenic station, Wilson truly shines with the right eye and angles, case and point this corridor leading to the vehicle pick up and drop off. Whenever my parents were kind enough to give me a ride to the station, I was lucky enough to have to walk through this corridor, always having noted it’s photographic potential. I’m very happy with how this composition came out, especially considering that I attempted to get a similar photo on my phone many times over the years and it never came out the way I wanted it. My camera solved that problem!

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