I am an Urban and Nature photographer located here in Toronto. Originally from Scotland, I came to Canada in 2017 and that’s when I started my journey into photography. To be specific, it was in Banff National Park where I knew I wanted to take photography more seriously. Although I mostly shoot the city and the wildlife of Humber Bay, I absolutely love looking for new opportunities to challenge myself and expand my photography skillset.

Jane Station

‘Jane Doe’. Jane Station is the station I frequent twice daily on my way to and from work. During those times I rarely lift my head to look at anyone else in the station. With that in mind, I realized that most others are doing the same on their daily commute. Most people, myself included, are simply going about their business in an anonymous fashion – the only commonality between us is this shared use of the transit service. Whilst a few of these faces in the crowd may become familiar over time, and we may see the same people often enough to acknowledge them in some way – these people will remain Jane (or John) Does to us. When I captured this image, these exact thoughts were at the forefront of my mind. I found myself wondering as to the identity of this particular Jane Doe and what her story is.

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