Kimberly Simmons

I’ve loved taking photographs since I was a child but usually had a thumb in the photo. I started photographing my son after he had been born early and exploring the city with him. I had taken him to various events around the City of Toronto, Canada. In December 2019, I decided to improve my photography and use my Nikon DSLR and my Samsung S20.See how I have improved my capabilities and goals in how you see my photography.

Lansdowne Station

Lansdowne Station is the TTC Station that I walked home from to get Healthy – it is the Ghost of the Past and the Future. Taking photography and seeing what was going on in the Bloordale and Bloorcourt neighbourhoods brought a greater sense of home in finding new friends and places to go. My kid Edward and I had explored the laneways near this Station to see the Toronto Art while the lockdown was on. As the lockdown eased, we enjoyed meeting the people creating the new art and it always seemed such an adventure exploring there. Sometimes we would grab a Grilled Cheese Sandwich from a local coffee shop and have a picnic at the park or Bloordale Beach nearby before taking the train back home. One of the biggest accomplishments on my road to being healthy and creative is to be able to walk the stairs of this station without passing out in the mask.

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