Jon Simo

My name is Jon Simo and I’m somewhat of a visual ninja, known for creating impossible visuals through a variety of tricks, techniques and effects.

I’ve worked for brands like Red Bull and BMW, shot large scale photography for Drake, The Raptors and Mercedes-Benz. I opened a unique colorful playground called Neon Demon Studio and have traveled around the world shooting documentaries and commercials.

I love pushing my visuals to the extreme and then going even further.

Currently I’ve started my own platform to teach the next generation of filmmakers and photographers, it’s called Simo Students.

Sheppard-Yonge Station

I was given Sheppard-Yonge station and without ever being there, I had to do some inspiration research in advance. Searching location tags on Instagram is one of the best location scouting tools in my tool belt, it allowed me to see the station from all physical angles and see different creative approaches. I noticed that the walls in the station are incredibly reflective stainless steel, this resonated immediately as I love playing with shadows, reflections and warped light. Using my @_@syrp_ motion control equipment I created a moving timelapse using keyframes. I liked the idea of a lone silhouetted figure standing in both the reflection and reality, waiting for his train that never arrives. I didn’t have anyone to pose for me so I did it myself, standing perfectly still for 30 minutes, no phone, no podcast, just my mind and I – it was a challenging open eye meditation.

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