Jamaal Merrick

An explorer at heart, I love traveling to new places and taking new routes to familiar ones.

My first foray into photography was with the Nokia 7250i camera phone, which enabled me to capture the unique and compelling scenes and moments I saw everywhere… with 0.1mp resolution!

From then, to now, I’m rarely found without my camera, capturing life in and around Toronto, with a fresh perspective.

I shoot what I love, and I love what I shoot.

Warden Station

As a kid growing up in Scarborough, my mom would take me downtown to daycare by her workplace on the TTC. We’d catch a bus to Warden and then take the train into the city. I’d always remember the rumbling of the train as it pulled into the station and the long waits for the next bus. As a teen, I’d return to the station daily to go to/from work myself. Like the guy on the left, after the train ride, I’d also get some fresh air outside the bus bay as I waited for the next ride home.

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