Jahmal Nugent aka (Ninjahmal)

Jahmal Nugent (b. 1993) is a Toronto-based photographer treating post-capture photo manipulation as a creative practice in its own right. He enjoys experimenting with urban landscapes and cyberpunk aesthetics. His work ranges from site-specific portraiture, cityscapes, and sub/urban wildlife to the documentation of diasporic subcultures such as Streetdance, anime-based cosplay, and drag.

Sherbourne Station

Sign missing from the main entrance, litter blowing in the wind, with a City of Toronto pylon propping the door open—at first glance, Sherbourne station is a downtrodden landmark. An artifact of Toronto’s income disparity, the station carries deep and contested histories of immigration, urban renewal, under-resourcing, and displacement. And yet the area is also one of the most colourful, vibrant instances of diasporic culture and family life. Within the adjacent St. James Town neighbourhood, kids can be heard laughing; countless languages are exchanged between friends, and community members of all ages gather outside by the fruit market in the summertime. Looking beyond its dusty facade and unsavoury associations, this photo asks the viewer to reconsider Sherbourne station and its hidden virtues. The city’s overlooked constituents are always more than they seem, if you take the time to look a little closer and give underestimated futures a bit of faith.

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