A level and content designer working in the game development industry. During the weekday, I build worlds and make maps for video games. on weekends, you may find me lazing about in cute coffee shops taking snaps of small unique moments. My passion is to convey emotion through the use of light and lines.

Dufferin Station

Dufferin station is the first most westbound station I frequently stopped at. My entire team has been remotely working for years waaay before covid, and so we would meet up once a month at our colleague’s place for drinks, games, and the occasional creative brainstorming sesh. When 5:30pm rolled around, it would be my cue to start heading home on the TTC. And every single time at 6pm, these magical golden rays of light spilled through the giant glass windows when I walked in through the double doors. Sometimes, you’d even see the dust swirling in the air flickering like fireflies. I told myself I’d be back one day to capture this little 6pm moment of mine.. and now I have :)

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