My name is Grant and I am a GTA based photographer with a passion for capturing the stories hidden within the images that I produce. While photography has always been a hobby of mine; it wasn’t until 2020 that I decided to share my work and take things a bit more seriously.

My focus encompasses urban nightscapes, landscapes, portraiture, and automotive photography. My photography style contains a cinematic approach with the intent to create images with more depth and feeling. This allows me to produce a more dramatic image with the purpose of enticing each individual to dig deeper into the photograph, and to formulate their own story.

Bessarion Station

I’ve always had fond memories of the Toronto subway system. It represented so much more to me than just another method of travel. Every trip presented a new experience and another story to share; it’s an avid storyteller. It provided an opportunity to witness the inner workings of the city with every journey revealing more of it’s personality. It’s a collective of brilliance, dedication, tedious planning, and years of hard work. It unites a multitude of different people, cultures, and opinions with the common goal of simply reaching their destination. It doesn’t judge nor discriminate. It bridges gaps and connects neighborhoods. It strips you of title and rank and ensures that everyone is equal when they’re on the line. This is Bessarion station, it’s part of line 4 (the purple line). Bessarion was completed in 2002 along with the rest of the Sheppard line. It is one of the least used stations in terms of ridership numbers and was almost removed from the initial design plans due to budget overruns. The decision was made to construct the platform with hopes of future redevelopment in the surrounding area. This image of an empty platform with streaking trails of light from the passing train represents the current reputation of Bessarion station. It’s not a destination station, it’s a pass-through station. As the surrounding area grows, so too will Bessarion’s presence.

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