Eric Mark Do

Yorkdale Station

Growing up in North York, Yorkdale was the premier place to be. I have fond memories of my first time taking a bus to Downsview Station, then making my way to Yorkdale to catch a movie with friends. Once you get off at Yorkdale Station, you follow a tunnel path to get to the mall. When you reach this set of staircases and tunnel, the anticipation is at an all time high…the mall, friends, fun and good times await. It’s almost like the final entrance after the tunnel for pro athletes! I envisioned a bit of a cyberpunk theme for this image. And if you notice, there’s a glow emitting from the top of the stairs. It symbolizes wonder, opportunity, and the great unknown. I’ll be donating a 50% of my proceeds from this image to JAYU, a registered Canadian charity and a leader in the space where the arts and human rights intersect.

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