Doumer is a female urban photographer based in Toronto, ON. Her camera started as a tool to document memories but quickly grew to be much more. As a woman in a male dominated industry, art has become a mechanism for her to provide a voice for herself. She strives to pave a path for other young woman navigating the creative field to be ambitious and courageous.

Summerhill Station

No one understands the city as well as an urban explorer does. We go where most people wouldn’t dream about going. We venture down every dark alleyway and climb up every single ladder we find. We leave no stone unturned. Approximately 1.69 million people take the Toronto subway each day. It’s quite possible you’ve sat beside an urban explorer without even knowing it. But, you probably never noticed her dirt covered pants or grease covered hands. And you most likely missed the proud smirk of satisfaction that adorned her face—the smirk of a woman who just climbed the tallest crane in the city. I am that woman, and my favourite time to ride the TTC is the last train of the night, lying in the station thinking about where I just was. I hop on the train and head home, and act as if nothing ever happened. A self portrait of the artist waiting for the last train of the night.

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