Artist and photographer I love to create and think outside the box. I have a background in Video Game Development, Fine Arts and Photography.
With every shot, every creation I try to think outside the box and I am not afraid to try new ideas.
A lot of my creations come from my emotions and the mood I feel in the moment of capturing or creating.

Bayview Station

This concept is called “Out of Time”. After doing some research of Bayview station I noticed a lot of art and a watch in the station. With the watch idea I created a character that had been dropped I a different time. Bayview station is a new station however the area has a lot of history in the art community as well the present and past communities. Toronto has a thriving art community which has grown over the years. My character’s name is Anthony aka “Tony The Coin”. He was a mafia figure which after some bad deals finds himself not in his time with is the 1920s but our time which is 2021. There’s a lot of this character to explore in the near future.

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