Claudia Pawlak

Claudia Pawlak is a photographer currently residing in Toronto, Ontario. She uses photography as a means of preserving emotional response evoked from the spaces around her. Claudia’s work aims to create a personal narrative connecting her relationship with people and place. She has exhibited work in both group shows and solo shows on a local and international scale. Claudia holds an M.A. in Arts Management and Leadership as well as a B.F.A. in Photography Studies.

Bathurst Station

This photograph is a diary entry. When I think of commuting in the city, I think about the transformative process we enter. As soon as we enter the doors of that subway station, that streetcar, that train, we participate in a collective space of waiting. Trusting that we will eventually reach our intended destination. I think of the Polaroid as a similar process. A tool with an automated function that we trust will deliver an expected result. From shooting the image to developing it, we place our trust in the transformative process of these cameras, similarly to how we place our trust in transit.

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