Babar M

Hi! My name’s Babar (pronounced Bobber), and I am a 22 year old photographer! Having always been fascinated by large metropolitan areas, it was no surprise that I fell in love with Toronto. The uniqueness of the city, in its layout, its architecture, and its people, is a feature set that not many cities can argue they possess. This, almost psychadleic personality that Toronto possesses is a strong contributor to my artistic style i.e. creating iridescent images that invoke a sense of awe and excitement.

York Mills Station

COVID-19 really made us all feel stuck in time. For me anyway, it felt as though the days were just whizzing right by. The pandemic forced me, as well as millions of others, to take drastic measures to get by. From working 60+ hours a week, to having to put the camera away, it created a sense of feeling stuck. Therefore, I wanted to create an image that showcased that. The York Mills sign in the middle of the frame, highlighting the year 1975, being paralleled by the long-expo of the subway-cars on either side assist in bringing that concept to life.

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