Ashton Tekno

My name is Ashton Persaud AKA
Ashton Tekno and I am a Photographer based out of Toronto ON Canada. I have been shooting photos for about 7 years.
I have a saying “Freezing That Moment FOREVER!” and I take that saying to heart.

Dundas Station

Toronto is a city that is always evolving. From when I grew up in the 1990’s to now 2021, there has a been a lot of changes. Two main things that stand out is Yonge and Dundas Intersection and the Streetcars. The Intersection is super bright with big screens and modern architecture the streetcars are new with a streamline futuristic look to replace the older CLRV vehicles from the past. This city is evolving really fast and it will be amazing to see what else evolves going forward!

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