Argen Elezi is a Toronto based photographer who’s passionate about capturing the beauty of nature. From a young age he loved to draw and paint, and that continues to drive his inspiration with photography today.

After completing his business degree at York University, Argen decided to switch gears and study photography at George Brown College. But it wasn’t until he began to travel and explore unique and scenic locations in Canada and around the world that he was able find his personal style as a photographer and discovered his passion for nature and landscape photography.”

Bloor-Yonge Station

In addition to the convenience of getting around the city, subway stations offer plenty of opportunities to people-watch. As a photographer, I sometimes enjoy observing people hurrying along the subway station, when I’m not in a rush to get somewhere myself that is. At first, the crowds of people may appear as just a blur of traffic passing by in the background. Then you remember that each one them leads a life as complex as your own, each with their own fears, goals, and their own social network. You realize that to them, perhaps you’re the one who’s a blur.

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