Apoorva Risbood

I am a Software Engineer with an undying passion towards photography and art. I have always loved documenting moments in my life and travels but got really into photography when I moved to Toronto in 2019. Taking photos and editing for me is so much more than a hobby. It allows me to offer my unique perspective to the world, sometimes disconnect from my surroundings and enjoy solitude. My artwork is based on nature, travel and cities. I have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time experimenting with different styles of photography on this journey to find my own and I cannot wait to see where this takes me.

Victoria Park

I look at these lines and see lines of time. Time keeps moving forward and so do these lines. And beyond these lines, I see a person I don’t recognize. A reminder to sometimes stop and look on the other side. Beginning of 2019, I moved to Toronto. It was my first time living alone and I didn’t know anyone here. I would grab my camera, get a coffee and venture out on long walks or pick a random subway station and take a train there to explore the city. Funny enough, in Spring 2019, I stood by this exact window at Victoria Park. In this time, I fell in love with this city, its people and its beautifully diverse neighbourhoods. I grew and changed as a person, as a photographer and through photography, met some of the best people I know. This picture to me is a wonderful reminder of ever changing, ever moving time.

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