Anugra Shah

I’m Anugra Shah, a photographer based in Toronto, ON. My goal through photography is to capture and tell the stories that I experience in my environment. I try to not only capture the world around me, but present it in a sometimes unreal way as a reminder that our eyes never tell us the full story. Street photography is my favorite form, however I occasionally do travel to experience amazing landscapes from the ice cold Rockies to the fall colors of Algonquin Park.

Coxwell Station

This photo captures what I see when I’m taking the subway and exploring the city. There are so many things that happen in subway stations that go unnoticed, from passengers rushing to their next line, to station security making sure everything is safe, and TTC employees that make sure that thousands of passengers are able to get to where they want. My goal was to capture all of the chaos of a subway station.

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