Abdur Khawaja

I am a scientist, artist, and businessman. Everyday I do my best to grow as a human and build deeper connections with my surroundings. Living in the moment and expressing my authentic self is my most noble pursuit. Looking forward to further exploring the world and sharing my perspective with all of you.

Donlands Station

I travelled from Scarborough to downtown on the green line for over 6 years for school and work. In this time, I saw every type of person you can imagine. Being an observant and curious soul, I used to wonder about the lives of my fellow commuters. Who are they? Where do they live? Is it a coincidence that we’re riding this rocket ship together? I used to entertain thoughts in my mind to make the commute go by faster. I tried everything to help pass the time, watched tv shows, read a lot, and often fell asleep. However, I felt very tense on my rides and often disconnected with the city while commuting through it. I remember whenever I used to see Donlands Station on my route, I knew I was halfway to where I needed to be. It brought me peace seeing this station knowing that my destination was near. One day I was walking to my train and decided to randomly pick up a newspaper to keep me entertained on my ride. I ended up reading that entire newspaper front to back and my stop was here before I knew it. I felt it, that connection I was longing for, insight and flow. It felt amazing to put the screen away and just be present in the moment reading the paper. After that day, every single time I get on the subway, I always grab a newspaper. Reminds me of simpler times and helps me connect with the city in a way that feels natural to me. To capture this moment that you see, I stood at the station for hours. Captured so many photos, but none that I felt deeply connected to. I wanted to take one that told a story. After feeling defeated, I decided to head home as it was quickly approaching midnight. As I sat down on my seat, I see this gentleman with his bag of books, reading the newspaper. This was it, the moment and story I was searching for. Watching him read the paper carefully reminded me of all my commutes. I quickly took out my camera to capture the moment. I don’t know who he is, but his story will go down is history. For his story and mine are very similar, just humans with a desire to connect.

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