Aaron Vaz

Aaron Vaz is a landscape and astro photographer from Toronto, Canada. 2020 was the year he truly fell back into photography and was a start of a new photography journey. It was the late night milky way and meteor shower chases to early morning fall sunrise trips that helped reignite the photo spark in him.

McCowan Station

Ghost Station When I moved to Canada 15 years ago, I lived at McCowan and Finch due to its 24/7 access to the TTC. We’d take the bus to Scarborough Town Centre (STC) and take the Scarborough RT into the city. It was on these TTC rides I learned how the city was laid out and how the street grid system worked. One observation I had over the years was that a majority of commuters would board/offboard the train at STC. Only a hand full of people would use McCowan station a few hundred meters down the street. In my mind it was more like ‘Ghost Station’ by comparison. It was this theme that was a big inspiration for this photo.

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